How to solve AppList not working on iOS 10

I found that I can’t use AppList on my 6s (10.2, Yalu beta 7) but it works on my 6s plus.


Reinstall AppList won’t works..

After I compare both Cydia installed list, I found the difference and solution.

So here is the step:

Step 1. Add repetrich’s repo

This repo is held by the author repetrich of both tweaks (PreferenceLoader & RocketBootstrap).
He update beta version of his tweaks on it.

Step 2. Update PreferenceLoader to 2.2.4~alpha1 & RocketBootstrap to 1.0.5~beta1


The recent version on Bigboss of both tweak is (these version won’t work..)
– PreferenceLoader:2.2.3-3
– RocketBootstrap:1.0.4

We need to update to

so, I tested on my 6s with versions on Bigboss, and AppList won’t work for me selecting apps.

After I updated them, and it works.


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