Yalu102 – App crash at launched after Jailbreak

After I use Yalu beta 1 on iOS 10.2 for jailbreaking my iPhone 6s & 6s plus, as I mentioned in my previous paragraph:Yalu102 – iOS 10.2 Jailbreak, it works more stable then previous version.

I tried to install some tweaks such as iFile、KeyBoard Accio and SwipeSelection to enhance the functionality of my phone.
You can try to find out which tweak supported iOS 10.2 here and here

I installed Cydia Substrate for supporting tweaks and iFile for debugging. However, after I respring in Cydia, at the next time I start using any other apps, the apps will crash at launch..

Including Yalu it self….

Although system apps can launch normally eg.Preference. But user’s apps can’t, such as apps downloaded from AppStore.

And it works normally after rebooting, your phone wasn’t Jailbreak then due to Yalu is a semi-untethered jailbreak.


First, I try to find out what is the problem if it was made by installing iFile or Cydia Substrate.

During testing time, I restore my 6s with ipsw of 10.2 (since SHSH of iOS 10.2 is opening now, I can restore it at anytime) for the purpose of prepainge a clean environment to test.

After testing, I found that if I try to install Cydia Substrate with other tweaks and respring, it caused the problem.



But the result is incorrect.



In previous testing, I tried to use the public version ipa of Yalu which qwertyoruiop released on his site.

But at the first time I jailbreak my phone, I used the version builded by myself from the code qwertyoruiop released on Github. Besides, I’ve tried two version of it (04b574267e65c13682ecd8771cff5353732178a1 & 24723830b74aac9825d53a3cd38d53439f52ad57)

At last, I found out the problem is caused by the different version of Yalu (the recent version on Github will make apps can’t launch).

So here is the way to solve the problem (remove Yalu and install the previous version of Yalu102)

  • Delete the old version of Yalu from your phone
  • Resign public version ipa of Yalu (tutorial)
  • Install it into your phone then reboot
  • Jailbreak your phone again, Cydia will works normally, if not, you can solve by this way
  • Done



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